Coaching Mistake #4: Yelling as Motivation

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Jun 14

A lot of coaches yell too much (and maybe parents too). They either do it out of habit, frustration or lack of knowledge.

Not a good way to communicate

I’m here to tell you, yelling does not work. It doesn’t:

  • Make some one try harder
  • Make someone go faster
  • Make someone better
  • Motivate anyone.

What it does do is make them feel inferior. It can make them angry. It makes it more difficult to learn because you feel less safe.

It makes it more likely that the athlete will not continue to do the sport past 14. And if they do, they are going to have some serious issues.

Yelling and punishment are last dish efforts when a coach is out of ideas.

Lectures are a close second.

So what should you do?

First, you want to teach and instruct. If you want them to run faster, you have to teach them how.

If you want them to try harder, you have to teach them how.

(I seriously believe that many kids have no idea how to push themselves, or what it feels like to try really hard. How important of a skill do you think that is to have in today’s world?)

If you want to have them pay attention at practice, show respect, or demonstrate sportsmanship than you have to show them how.

There are many ways to do it. You might have to learn some new skills and techniques. You might have to change your philosophy and approach.

But it will be worth it.

Want more tips and techniques on how to work with kids so they get soccer fit, have fun and improve? Then click that link!

And be sure to leave a comment. What was your experiences as an athlete if your coach yelled. What about as a parent?

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