The best drinks for youth athletes

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May 31

I have a rule of thumb. The more slick the ad campaign the more horrible it is. I’ve felt this way for a long time about sports drinks. This is what ABC news had to say about it.

They make drinking sports drinks look so sexy, fit and fun on the commercials. Super fit, famous athletes chugging down. If you drink these…you’ll look like this…you’ll be like this. That’s all you have to do.

And don’t believe kids don’t pick up on the message. I see overweight kids drinking them everywhere; at school, at the mall, in the 7-11. Like they are doing something good for their body.

I knew about the sugar (I’m on a no-sugar journey right now…and it is tough) and how many empty calories there are in them. But what I didn’t realize that the second best thing for kids to drink is being eliminated. And they need this for strong bones, teeth and muscles.

If youth soccer players or other child athletes stop drinking milk, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a continued rise in orthopedic injuries.

Stopping kids from drinking sugar/caffeine drinks is difficult. I know in my case, my son is addicted. And now that he’s 18 it’s sad to see him drink 3 sodas a day.

However, we have to try.


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