Choosing Up Teams for U8 Soccer

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May 28

Yesterday’s post was about getting kids to buy into being part of the team. Today’s post is on a similar subject.

Always mix up your teams

One of the biggest problems that a coach can face is dividing kids into teams for drills. So many times, kids are either picked last, or left out entirely. How many times have we seen it at elementary schools? Here are some ways to make sure that that doesn’t happen.

  1. Randomly pass out vests during a break
  2. Organize kids by birth month
  3. Group kids by hobbies and interests

Whereas before, players were being told that they were less important, here, they’re being told the opposite: that each of them is a valuable part of the team.

Team-building like this both includes the less-skilled players, and also allows the kids to get to know one another, and build team unity.

This article here on how to choose teams lists over 40. I’m sure you can find some that will work.

I always try to mix up my groups as much as possible. It gives everyone a chance to learn or help each other. For high school, I like having the varsity workout with the freshman as well. They serve as leaders, teachers and role models.

When I was in high school, the varsity would pound on us freshman like a piece of leather. And we did the same when we became varsity. This is not a way to build a cohesive team, to make the sport fun or to teach kids.

And that is what youth soccer should be about.

Do you agree? Do you have a different philosophy? Let me know by filling out the comment for below.

Thanks! Ron

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