Biggest Loser and Kids Sports

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May 24

The Biggest Loser is one of those shows that is like scratching a scab. It’s irritating and slightly hurts yet there’s something fascinating about it. Last night was the season finale and I caught most of it.

One of the reasons I hate it is that it makes people think that you have to kill yourself to get fit. You need a drill sergeant screaming in your face and have to do near impossible tasks till you fall down or break down like some stain on the carpet. (Got news for you. It’s dangerous and stupid. Don’t train like that. Especially if you’re working with kids.)

Last night as they milked every bit of emotional energy they could, they showed clips from the past and asked the contestants about being fat. It was amazing how much better they felt about themselves; and in every aspect of their lives. Every contestant had major issues (not to mention health) with their self-esteem, confidence and life outlook.

And they all seemed much more confident at the end of the show. Of course, being exposed to national TV probably gave them some skills but I got the feeling it was legitimate. And it made me think of our kids.

What can we do as parents, teachers and coaches to make sure that our kids don’t get like these contestants did before the show? Do people have to be adults before the learn good healthy eating and fitness habits? I hope not.

The Athletic Skills for Soccer teaches you (parents and coaches) how to work with kids to make fitness fun. While geared for soccer, it works for anyone. If you’re concerned about your child’s fitness habits and want to make sure they develop healthy living skills check it out.

Athletic Skills for Soccer. It’s not just about soccer.

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