Gymnastics and soccer fitness

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May 15

This article here about about adults using gymnastics as an exercise routine got me

Gymnast showing strength development

thinking. Gymnastics has a lot of things going for it.

  • It doesn’t require a lot of equipment
  • It’s mostly bodyweight exercises
  • Gymnastics works on strength, balance, and flexibility
  • There is a large component rhythm, creativity and even dance.
  • It’s challenging. When you learn a new move you feel like you’ve accomplished something.
  • There are lots of options that you can take it to. Floor, beam, whatever. (I’m not a gymnastics guy…I don’t really know all of them. I just know there’s a lot)

So what does this have to do with soccer and soccer fitness. We’ll there are a few negative things about gymnastics as well.

First, it takes an incredible amount of time and money. Second, a lot of the coaches are pretty whacky. As a coach, most of the ones I see are whacked out with dreams of grandeur on the Olympic stage for everyone who comes into their gym.

Third, it’s not for everyone. Tall, big or overweight kids are going to have a very difficult time. And finally, if you can’t do the skills soon you’ll be out. There is very little room for those who aren’t competitive.

Soccer could learn from gymnastics about how to build strength, flexibility and coordination. Also, some of the structure of the developmental program might be copied.

But most importantly, kids who don’t do well in gymnastics might be able to come down and have success on the soccer field.

A lot of the exercises in the athletic skills program are simple gymnastics types. They build coordination and strength. To teach your child how to be stronger and more confident go to athletic skills for soccer right now.

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