Parents coaching U8 Soccer super stars

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May 14

There are Youtube videos of soccer super stars. Occasionally, you’ll find a ten year old that gets drafted by Manchester United or some other team. And you think, “Gee I could get rich if my kid could do that.” Many parents do.

U8 Soccer Superstar

In my 30 plus years of coaching, I’ve rarely seen this scenario workout. Sure there are exceptions of child prodigies going on to being successes in sports. But not many. And if they do, at what price?

Take Tiger Woods for example. He certainly was pushed by his father to become the best but look at what happened to him. I wouldn’t want my kid to go through that.

Lots of parents push their kids to be the best. And then they see other kids with more skills; speed, agility, ball control and think why can’t my kid do that? They must not be trying. I need to push them more.”

This is not the way to parent your kids or to have a successful youth sport experience. You want to encourage them to play and have fun. If they play and have fun they will get more than enough practice in to be successful.

And if they need more help, work them them in a bunch of sports and exercises. Don’t limit it to just one sport. Use the exercises in my program or get my newsletter that goes into details on what and how to work with your child.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. But it is worth it.

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