Swim Coach Goes Overboard

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May 10

Have you seen this video about the swim coach who pulled his swimmers hair?

It goes to show that some people should not be coaching and working with kids.

Now, I’ve had kids not try in competition and many times I’ve wanted to pull my hair out, but never the hair of one of the kids. Whatever the swimmer did it doesn’t deserve this.

I mean is this going to “teach her a lesson”. Is she never going to make a mistake, screw up (on purpose or not) again because she got her hair pulled? I don’t think so.

Some coaches and parents get so worked up about winning or hard work or college scholarship or going pro. They miss the whole point.

Youth sports is about fun and friends. It’s about health and fitness. It’s about learning and improving. And that’s it. The other stuff really doesn’t make much difference.

If you’re blessed with the size, desire, natural talent, coaching, and luck to be able to play a sport in college or the pros that’s great. It’s better if you love what you do so much that you keep doing it with friends when you’re ninety.

Do you think that swimmer is going to be competing when she’s ninety? How about next year?

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know.

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