Coaching Your Kid and Hiring Yourself for a Lawyer

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May 07

I just read this article by Dan John, a strength and weight lifting guru. He’s a real smart guy and old school. He’s very opinionated and I don’t think a lot of his advice is appropriate for kids (at least not young ones) but I love reading him, learning and getting motivated.

Anyway, he’s a frequent contributor at and I just read his blog post about how he hired a personal trainer to get him to do the exercises that he hates to do. You can read his short blog here.

He compared it to being a lawyer for yourself which is never a good idea. I think we can all agree on that.

It got me thinking about my product; Athletic Skills for Soccer. I think that its a great book and program. I think that there’s a lot of stuff that parents really need to be able to work with their kids. And I think that coaches need to know how to develop athletic skills in their teams, too.

And it got me thinking that maybe parents think they know it all, already. I mean why should they buy a book about how to work with their kid, right? It’s their kid, they see coaches on TV and in the Internet. They had coaches and played sports in high school, maybe even college.

Is this you?

If it is I strongly urge you to rethink it. Preferably your kids coach would teach them athletic skills like how to run. But most coaches don’t know, especially at the U8 level. Or maybe you could hire an expert (like myself) to come over and do it. But I’m expensive and and don’t do that anyway.

No, you’re stuck. You are going to have to learn as much as you can and quickly. You’re going to have to learn about soccer speed, strength and fitness. You’re going to have to learn how to motivate and make things fun.

You can take the long way, or you can pick up my program and start reading right now. All you have to do is click this link and scroll down right to the order form.

You’ll be able to use it right away. And it’s guaranteed. If you’re unhappy or unsatisfied about my program, let me know. I will gladly refund 100% of your money. If you tell me why, I’ll throw in an extra five bucks just for taking the time.

Thanks for reading. Let me know how your kids soccer training is coming.


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