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Apr 09

What do U8 soccer fitness and Hip Hop have in common? Part 1

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The other day I was at a local elementary school and they had an assembly with hip hop performers. As I watched the presentation there were two things that were relevant to soccer fitness and working with kids in general.

The first area was in how to talk to kids. When they got the kids involved and gave them something to do the whole cafeteria was enthralled. The kids paid attention and were very focused. But when they kept talking and talking, the kids quickly lost interest and started fidgeting and acting out.

So as a parent and soccer coach, the lesson here is get the kids involved. Use very few words and when you do provide some theater and drama to keep them focused.

Part 2 will be on the physical aspects of Hip Hop and soccer fitness. Who knows…it could change your whole conditioning plan!

Apr 08

A Quick Tip to Stop “U8 Wacky Running”

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Does your kid run kinda funny? Their arms moving all over the place and looking like a puppy running downhill? A lot of kids do (and adults for that matter). The problem usually is they don’t know what to do with their arms.

Swinging the arms side to side or not keeping them in stride with the legs is one of the most common faults in youth runners. Here is a quick solution that takes a few minutes, is fun, and can be done anywhere. Even in the car on the way to soccer practice.

Robot Arms (Kids like silly names so it makes it more fun. It also describes it well)
1. Start off sitting, though the drill should also be done standing as well. Sit up straight and tall. Feet flat on the ground, legs bent at 90 degrees.

2. Place the hands flat along the outside of the thigh. The arms will be bent about 110 degrees which is perfect.

3. Bring one hand up to about shoulder height. Keep the same bend in the elbow.

4. Now, switch positions with the arms quickly. And then repeat. That’s all there is!

Kids can count it out, make up a robot song or make robot noises. They don’t have to do a lot of them. Frequency is more important than total numbers.

Have them do this before soccer practice. Then remind them to run with robot arms. It will cue in the proper arm movement and correct the wacky running.

Have fun, and let me know how the drill works for you.

Apr 06

U8 Soccer Exercise to Improve Running

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A great exercise that strengthens the hips and posterior chain (the muscles of the glutes, hamstrings and lower back). Raise up, hold for five to ten seconds and then switch. Repeat a few times. The hands can be under the hips or even extended over the head. Improves running and kicking!