How to make any skill fun to a U8 soccer player

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Apr 25

Kids are cool, especially 7 and 8 year olds. They can get excited about just about anything. On the flip side they can get bored mighty fast as well.

In order to be an athlete or to be a good soccer player it takes lots and lots of practice. Lots of repetitions trapping the ball, touching the ball, kicking the ball. You can’t force kids to do it. (I guess you could but then you and I would have a lot of disagreements on the proper way to train and raise kids)

But you can make it fun. And anything can be made fun. It just takes a little bit of thinking like a kid again.

So put on your kid hat for a second and get silly. Here are five quick and easy things you can do to make any soccer drill or exercise fun.

1. Give it a whacky, silly or scary name. Instead of push-ups call them MONSTER Push-ups.

2. Make it a game or a story. Instead of dribbling around three cones, make each cone a city. They have to drive around San Francisco or Madrid.

3. Encourage them to be creative and whacky. You give them the drill…they make it fun. For instance, have them make animal noises while they are running.

4. Add something crazy that has nothing to do with soccer. We used to do a “fruit smash” drill where someone would get to throw a piece of fruit against a wall and everyone would get to see what happenes. I would pick different fruit. Besides being hysterical (and a bit of a mess to clean up), the kids remember it…30 years later!

5. Take a chance and try to use different voices or be a different character. Try giving directions as Goofy or Mickey Mouse. Or you could pretend to be an evil drill sergeant. It’s so off the wall that kids get lost in the activity and end up laughing and having a great time.

By thinking out of the box and taking chances your child or your team will end up having a great time. They will love the sport and build friendships. They will want to keep playing, practicing and improving.

And isn’t that what you want?

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