Amazing Slide and Athletic Skills

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Apr 20

Have you seen this slide from a high school baseball game?

It’s a pretty good display of athletic ability, though I do feel bad for the catcher.

But what I like about it is the athletic skills it displays. He had to get down for the slide and then quickly leap up over the catch. He had to time the jump perfectly to land on home plate.

This kind of athleticism takes a lot of time and work to develop. You get it by playing a lot of sports and being active. When you’re young you lay the foundations of strength, coordination, and speed. You develop the proprioceptive skills need to be an athlete.

If you have the foundation down then if the situation comes up you can apply the skills to make a great play.

It’s the same for soccer and for any other sport. You need the foundation.

If your kid needs some help laying the foundation down, then it’s up to you to help them. Athletic Skills for Soccer shows you how to get started on it. Will they be able to make great plays like this?

I don’t know. I do know that if they don’t have the foundation down, they will not be able to.

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