Brazil and Youth Soccer

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Apr 16

Here’s an interesting article on why Brazil is so good in soccer.

Two reasons U8 soccer parents and coaches should pay particular attention to.

The first is that they play soccer all the time and on different surfaces. They play on the beach, in the street, at the gym and on grass. This gives the kids a lot of practice experiencing different looks and feels of the ball.

All those different repetitions (I call them modalities) add up and give players a huge advantage.

The other reason is that they don’t emphasize winning, especially at a young age. Kids need to play for fun, friends and fitness. They don’t need to worry about winning.

So take your kid to the beach, the park, the street…heck even in the kitchen. Let them practice with different sized soccer balls (as well as under inflated ones), tennis balls, footbags or hacky sacks. Encourage them to play, to move and to explore.

They will have more fun and more success for a longer time.

And that’s what it’s all about. Don’t you agree?

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