How is the Parthanon the Secret to U8 Soccer Success?

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Apr 15

The Parthenon is the symbol of strength and endurance. For 2500 years it has endured and represented the power of Greece.

Parthanon: The key to Soccer Fitness and Success






Just like the Parthenon, kids need a great foundation to reach the top and endure. For kids it’s having strength, balance, speed and coordination.

If they don’t have those skills all the ball handling ability in the world won’t help them. All the knowledge of offense and defense won’t help them.

And as they get older and get to higher levels of competition their foundation will be tested to greater degrees.

Coaches are always talking about building a foundation of success. It’s more than just learning your responsibilities in the game. It’s a matter of having the underling athletic skills so that they can continue and endure…just like the Parthenon.

The best time to start is when they are young. There is a lot for a U8 player to learn. The neat thing about developing athletic skills is it can be fun, doesn’t take much time and has long ranging benefits.

Start building your son’s or daughter’s foundation today.

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