Charlie Chaplin and Youth Soccer Training: How Can Charlie Help?

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Apr 15

What in the world could Charlie Chaplin and soccer training for kids have in common?

Charlie Chaplin wants to be your kids soccer coach!

Well a lot actually. You see Charlie had a way of making every day things funny and clever. He took a different spin on mundane things.

Exercise can get boring too. Let’s follow Mr. Chaplin’s lead and see how we can make exercise more fun.

Four Ways Charlie Chaplin Can Keep Your Kids Motivated

1. Do the Chaplin shuffle for warm-up. The straight legs and the off balance walk are a great way to warm-up for soccer. It’s silly and goofy true, but it also develops balance and flexibility.

2. One trick you saw in every Chaplin movie was when he’d get hit in the face and fall down. So here’s how to use it in practice: One kid swings SLOW at the other students head (missing by a wide margin). The other student falls down and then gets back up as fast as possible. This drill gets kids used to falling down, getting up, accustomed to a punch coming to the head (something all soccer players have to deal with at some time), and finally, is a great cardiovascular and strength workout.

3. Same as #2, but this time when the kid falls have them roll onto their back into a back somersault. Besides core strength, back somersaults improve preconception and again require kids to go from the ground to standing which is very demanding on their metabolic systems.

4. Finally, play Keystone Cops tag. One student is the cop and everyone has to run around like Charlie Chaplin and escape. Play for a few rounds, encourage silly movements and having fun.

There’s lots of ways to make exercise fun. Sometimes you have to think out of the box like Charlie Chaplin. Now go out and have fun!


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