Not enough time to workout for soccer?

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Apr 14

U8 Soccer Parents: Are you one of those that think you need a ton of time to workout?

You need at least two hours right? 30 minutes to get ready, 30 minutes to stretch, 30 to workout and 30 to cool down. Yup, many fitness articles will tell you that.

Let me tell you that it is not true. You don’t need that much. And your soccer player doesn’t need it either.

Soccer skills are developed with frequency not with fatigue

It’s how often you workout or practice or rehearse that’s the most important. By having lots of little practices spaced out you’ll find that

  • They don’t get bored
  • It’s more fun
  • They will look forward to it

And for adults while thirty minutes is great, 3 minute intervals are better than nothing.

Especially if you’re doing nothing already.

So start playing and exercising with your u8 or u5 soccer player right now. Just before dinner or right before bed. Perhaps when they come home from school…or maybe every time they get in and out of the car.

Get a few minutes of practice in every day. And soon you’ll find both of you making the time for more.

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