Strength training for U8? Of course. Here’s how!

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Apr 13

Should U8 soccer players do strength training? Short answer: Of course.

All kids need to build their strength. Without resistance and work their bones and muscles won’t develop to their potential. One of the problems our kids have today is they don’t do enough heavy chores (when was the last time your kid bailed hay?) or even climbing.

How many pull-ups can your son do? I was horrible at pull-ups when I was 8 and I remember being able to do 5.

So strength training is recommended for kids. The best kind should be body weight exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups and all their countless variations.

The next strength activity they should do is practice carrying heavy things; rocks, people, branches, sand bags, laundry etc.Remember to make it fun, enjoyable, whacky and different. Don’t force it on them…make them want to do it.

If its functional and makes sense for them its even better.


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