U8 Soccer Fitness and Hip Hop: Part 2

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Apr 09

Hey, thanks for coming back. Here is the really interesting part, especially from a fitness stand point.

The Hip Hop dance moves were great youth soccer conditioning moves. They required strength, speed, and balance. They worked the whole body; legs, core, and arms. They were very athletic…and they were fun.

In Hip Hop there’s four types of moves. There’s “Toprock” which are the dance moves standing up. Then there’s “Downrock” which are are dance moves performed on the ground with your arms and hands supporting the body. The third type are “Freezes” which are poses done standing or on the ground. And the last ones are “Power Moves” which are difficult acrobatic moves.

When the performers demonstrated these moves and taught a few kids them, the school loved it. They moves were easy, fun and would develop strength, coordination, balance and speed. I thought, “that would be really cool for kids to do at home or on the soccer pitch”.

So if you’re looking for a fun way to get some rhythm and popping into your soccer program or to have fun with your soccer kid at home then look into some simple hip hop moves. Here’s a youtube video which could get you started. Hip Hop for Soccer Fitness

This was the best one I found because he broke the moves down simply and with a good progression. I’m sure there are tons more.

One final thought. You don’t have to be an expert or perfect to learn and use these moves. All you have to do is have fun and play with them with your kid. A few minutes a day right before dinner or during a walk will help your U8 soccer kid get fit.

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