Youth Sports Sportsmanship

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Jan 25

This is an interesting article about a recent high school girls basketball game. Click HERE to read it.

What I find scary is that the coach says he wants to teach his girls to always play hard and do their best. I doubt if they were doing that. How could they?

Here are my top three problems with his reasoning:

  1. There was no competition, so how could his team be working hard?
  2. How does he measure giving “giving their best?”
  3. What is the real purpose of youth sports? As a teacher and coach does he have a greater responsibility to all the kids on the court…not just his own?

I can think of many ways he could of had his team working harder and not run up the score. Increase the number of passes, make the passes more difficult, use only weak handed dribbling or shots, or play two players down. Any one of these would have helped keep the score down and made his team work harder.

But perhaps more importantly, was his team helping the other team improve? Where they showing them what to do correctly? Where they showing them where to go or what they did wrong? I doubt it.

Coaches, parents and kids whether on a basketball team, soccer team or any other youth activity need to take the education and skills of all the players into account. When this is done, we will have youth athletes that go on to be athletes throughout their entire life…not just for one or two seasons.

This will happen because of the lessons learned and the friends they made.

And that’s what youth sports sportsmanship should be about.

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