Athletic Skills for Kids

'Every child should be an athlete. Even if they don't play sports!"


Discover the 7 Key Areas that Kids Need to Be Successful in Sport and Life!

  • How to help your child enjoy sports
  • Why you have to take charge and not leave it to a coach or PE teacher
  • Don't miss the window of opportunity for their physical development
  • Why kids should be athletic...even if they don't play sports
  • Quick, easy and fun games to play to develop the basic skills they might never get
  • The secret to getting them off the couch and onto the field

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Athletic Skills for Kids

About the Author

I'm an adapted PE teacher, former coach and dad. I see so many kids that are overweight, out of shape and uncoordinated and few resources for moms and dads to help them. My mission is to give these kids the benefits of being an athlete; fitness, health, self-discipline and a lifelong love of movement.